Services and Pricing

Services & Pricing

What we offer

When you schedule your appointment with The Nit Nanny, we will come directly to your home and treat your family usually within the same day. Please know that we hold your family's safety & confidentiality in the highest regard.

Our Treatment Process

  • The Nit Nanny uses our very own Out Of Your Hair  non-toxic conditioning and cleansing shampoo and Out Of Your Hair's Terminator Comb.   We begin by parting the hair into sections and examining both the hair and scalp; carefully combing small sections at a time. We are looking for nits, live lice or red bumps (bite marks).
  • We then apply our non-toxic, coconut oil based shampoo to the entire head. The live lice won't stand a chance! 
  • The next step is to "comb out and manually remove any evident lice and nits. Removing lice and nits can be a very time consuming and arduous process. Combing the hair is really the only way to assure that all lice and nits are completely removed from the hair. This process is critical for success. If you do not completely remove all nits, re-infestation will most likely occur. We use our Out Of Your Hair Terminator Comb; a specially designed lice comb that grips the lice and nits for a more complete removal. We find our comb to be more effective than smaller, plastic combs that often come in over-the-counter lice treatment kits.
  • After each strand of hair and section of hair is completely combed, picked and examined, we will rinse the hair again and begin the drying process. We recommend blow drying the hair from scalp to tip of hair completely.
  • When the hair is well dry we will, once again, inspect each section and strand of hair until we feel certain that we have removed all signs of lice. Please remember that it is always possible to miss a nit. Therefore, the next step is also very important.
  • Finally, we will go over your "homework which consists of a set of instructions for you and your family to follow for the next two weeks. In order for the removal to be effective, you will need to inspect and comb daily and shampoo with our nontoxic, coconut oil based shampoo every 2-3 days for the following 2 weeks. If you would rather, The Nit Nanny can return for additional follow up treatment(s). Our products are available for purchase both in the home and online.
  • The Nit Nanny can usually complete one person in about  hour (depending on the length and thickness of the hair and the severity of the infestation). The first treatment is usually the longest.


In-Home Head Checks: $35.00 per family member (fee is waived if treatment is performed) or $100 per hour, whichever is less.  

In-Home Lice Treatment and Nit Removal: $100.00 per hour; $150.00/hour on Sunday

Trip Fee: .65 per mile outside of Fayette County or $20 if in Fayette County


Out Of Your Hair Shampoo, Terminator Comb, Stay Away Spray and instruction guide:
Complete Family Care Kit, $67.00. Order here.