Lice Happens.
It's happening to you. 
 The Nit Nanny knows what to do!  

The Nit Nanny Lice Treatment Service is an effective, safe and totally private lice elimination service.  We're experts in removing head lice and their nits so you can restore harmony in your home and get back to what matters!   

If you're having a lice emergency, the best thing to do is call me. Now: 859.699.2655

The Nit Nanny offers:

  • In-home head lice elimination
  • Discreet arrival and confidential service
  • All the essential tools and non-toxic products to eliminate lice in your home
  • The Nit Nanny's Certificate of Lice Treatment for use at school as proof that your children have been successfully treated for head lice
  • Text, email or phone support

The Nit Nanny knows how to get rid of lice!   For more than 6 years, The Nit Nanny has been dedicated to safely, effectively and efficiently removing head lice.  The Nit Nanny will arrive at your home (usually within the same day) and treat the affect person(s) in your house.  We will be sure to do a complete and thorough check of everyone in the home to insure that no one else is affected.  After treatment, we will educate parents and caregivers on the steps to keep their home free of those unwanted pests and steps to defend against future lice infestation.  We also provide a "Homework" sheet for parents so that you'll have all the help you need available for future reference.  We don't leave you hanging there!  We offer a free "on call",  text or email  support for two weeks after treatment.  

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